Sunday, July 05, 2015
$2,000 Ebanc Voucher
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Golden Goal 2005
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Here Comes the FUN Part....A little guidance for the uninitiated, a couple of steps for you to follow to help you get started - often the hardest part is knowing where to start! We have a much larger & more detailed step by step easy to follow pdf file(190 kb - this may take a few minutes to load) - just click the link above or at the bottom of the page.

Step One - Print Teams & Sign Up

  • Cclick on “Print Teams” so you can scribble & cross out your draft team as much as you like!
  • Read our Golden Rules on: How To Play, Editing Your Team, Scoring System, Trade Periods & Prizes
  • Read the “Disclaimers & Privacy Policy” & the “Terms & Conditions” pages
All mentioned pages are on the Golden Navigation Bar in the top left corner.

When signing this is Handy to know...

Cclick on “Sign Up” on the left Navigation Bar, which will bring up this page:

On this page, fill in ALL the text boxes - not forgetting the Social Competition if it applies - are you part of a club, charity, group, organisation or workplace that wants to have your own ladder to play against your mates? This is where you MUST select the name of your group.

Fill in your address details, choose a Nickname that you will be known by at Golden Goal (please, nothing inappropriate!), write down your password somewhere where you won't forget it.

Step 3: Members Log In

Once you have submitted your membership application you will then have access to the MEMBERS ONLY area.

To do this you simply enter your username & password into the log in box on the Home Page.

click on 'GO!"

*If you don't have any pdf s/ware - go to & download Acrobat Reader - ITS FREE!

Download Complete How to Play PDF >>